How do I bid on Items in the Auctions?
To bid you must register and receive a bidder number. After you have received your bidder number you then log on to place your bids. To place a bid you enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid in the box under the maximum bid column. The auction system will then place incremental bids on your behalf up to the maximum bid amount. The system only places bids on your behalf if someone has placed a bid equal to or greater than your bid. If two bidders have placed bids of the exact same amount then the first bidder to place the bid will be designated the winner. There are no tie bids.

What is Overtime or Extended Bidding?
If a bid is received in the last two minutes of bidding on a specific item the time allowed for bidding will extend for two more minutes. This will continue until no bids have been placed for two minutes.

When does the Bidding end for a Specific Item?
The lot closing time is listed in the title of each item.

Why do I Owe Sales Tax?
Big Medical Auction House is acting as an intermediary between Buyers and Sellers. Our Sellers have a physical presence in the State(s) where the items being sold are located which requires them to insure sales tax is collected on the items they sell. To avoid paying sales tax you may supply us a resale certificate valid in the state where items are located or proof that the items are being shipped out of state on a third party carrier.

How long do I have to Pick up the Items I have Purchased?
Every Auction has specific removal terms that can be found on the main auction page for that auction. Certain lots may have additional removal terms.

How Long do I have to Pay my Invoice?
Every auction has unique terms but payment is usually required within 48 hours of the auction ending.

How do I get my Invoice after I Win my Item?
Invoices are sent to the email you supplied with your registration within 24 hours after an auction ends. If you have not received it within this timeframe please check your spam folder before contacting us at or call 888-350-9992 to have customer service help you.

What are the Auction Terms?
Every Auction has specific terms that can be found on the main auction page for that auction.

How do I Inspect an Item in the Auction?
Every Auction has inspection information posted. You or your representative are free to inspect any item including power-on tests of all equipment. A full-range of 110v, 220v and various amperage outlets are available on-site. Power-on Tests are supervised to protect the integrity of the equipment.

How do I Sell Items in One of Your Medical Auctions?
Contact our Sales Dept at or call 888-350-9992 to discuss options for your facility.

Auction 2024 Calendar

July 19th – 24th: Ends at 1:00 PM EDT
August 16th – 21st: Ends at 1:00 PM EDT
September 13th – 18th: Ends at 1:00 PM EDT
October 11th – 16th: Ends at 1:00 PM EDT
November 15th – 20th: Ends at 1:00 PM EDT
December 13th – 18th: Ends at 1:00 PM EDT